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Do you know what an argumentative or persuasive essay is? It is a piece of writing where the writer takes a stance. The professor expects you to persuade them to understand and support your point of view about a topic. While writing an argumentative paper, remember to defend your position, of course, with data and reasoning. Hire our experts to write, edit or proofread your persuasive essays.

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Argumentative type of essay is common in high school and undergraduate levels. For example, you may be asked to write an argumentative essay on why countries should legalize Marijuana or why abortion is not s crime. You need first to examine the topic, weigh the pros and cons, and take a stance. Your thesis should reflect your position.

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Argumentative Essay Writing Tips and Guides

To boost your academic writing skills and outcome, we publish regular materials on writing different academic papers. Some of our recent academic writing articles (extensive guides) include:

  1. Different Types of Essays with Writing Tips + Topic Examples
  2. What is Plagiarism? Types, Checking Tools (Best) & How to Avoid It
  3. How to Write College Essays: Extensive Guide to Boost Grades Fast
  4. How to Write Expository Essays | Write Ideal Essays

These guides and articles aim to guide you on how to write an argumentative essay. Should you have a different question that you feel we haven't covered in our Research Center, leave a comment or message us. We will guide you through. In the meantime, hire our narrative essay writers to write your papers. 

How to Write a Perfect Essay

Would you like to understand how to write quality essays? Or how to boost your grades without stress? Read this extensive guide on Tips for Writing a Killer College Essay.

Wondering how to write perfect argumentative essays, or any other academic papers? This article will guide you.

Some tips for writing a killer(perfect) argumentative essay include:

  1. Always pick an interesting topic (unless the professor assigned you one). Conduct background information surrounding the topic. What do other writers say? What's your view on the topic? Examine both sides of the topic - for and against.
  2. Prepare an outline (diagram of ideas). Remember that your essay must flow. Thus, pre-determine how you want your essay to flow.
  3. Write a thesis statement - refers to the central idea or subject of the essay. Never make the mistake of writing your paper without a thesis statement. It would help you to stay focused and avoid going off-topic. A thesis statement for an argumentative essay must state your stance on the subject clearly.
  4. Write your body paragraphs. Do you know the common mistake that students make while writing essays? Starting with the introduction. Get information on how to structure your body paragraphs.
  5. Write the introduction of your essay. Present some background information about the topic and state your thesis statement. The last paragraph of the introduction should be a hook - linking to the first body paragraph.
  6. Now, write your conclusion. Here is how to write a perfect conclusion paragraph. Note that in this section, you should not introduce new ideas or cite. It would be best if you summarized the essay in a few sentences. Most professors require the introduction and concluding paragraph to be at most 20% of the entire paper. However, consult with your instructor for further guidance.
  7. Finishing Touches - conform if you cited all the information in the body paragraphs. Proofread and edit your work, and check for plagiarism. Make sure you check the rubric to avoid losing marks. If you still have concerns, let's train you to write an argumentative essay and find the best topics to write your paper on. 

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