Smartwrite Cookie Policy | How And Why We Use Cookies

Last Update: 2021-04-30

Every user of or its affiliate sites now confirms that we do use cookies. Please be informed that we may also use web beacons and other technology to identify the type of browser, point of access, navigation behavior, and date and times you accessed our channels. Also, we need to know how the times you have visited our site and what's your entry and exit point. 

We do believe we can be transparent about how we collect and use your data. This policy discloses how we track and store user behaviors on our channels. Whether customers or not, all users are also advised to read and understand our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies, also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, refer to small, often encrypted text located in browser directories. Web developers use them to help users navigate websites efficiently and perform various functions. They play a significant role in enhancing or enabling usability or site process. Thus, disabling them may prevent users from accessing certain websites or features. 

Do Smartwrite use Cookies?

Yes, we do. We use cookies and similar technologies like web beacons to improve the user experience on our website. Please note that the website uses both session-based and persistent cookies to deliver your services or improve our website's navigability. We use our own cookies on the website and have enabled third-party cookies like Google Analytics and Tawk. 

Why do we Use Cookies? 

We use your cookies to better our site to meet your preferences and boost user experience. We aim to make the website very user-friendly - we need your help. By allowing us to use your cookies, we'll make the website more convenient for you. 

We can use Cookies to recognize you when you visit our website or use our services, remember your preferences, and give you a personalized experience that's consistent with your settings. Cookies also make your interactions faster and more secure.

We are not trying to capture your personal information for any purpose other than your use of our site. You only give us your personal information when you choose to do so to subscribe to offers, emails, and make purchases. We do not sell, lease, or trade your information, and we do not use it for marketing purposes, except as you choose to subscribe to our email and/or newsletter offers and promotions.

Cookies and other ad technology such as beacons, pixels, and tags help us market more effectively to users that our partners and we believe may be interested in our services. They also help provide us with aggregated auditing, research, statistics, and reporting and know when content has been shown to you.

We also use cookies to enhance your security on our website by tracing any malicious activities. Please note that you can block website cookies at any time...learn more...

How to Manage Cookies 

You don't want to be tracked? Click on the link for your browser below to get information on preventing or clearing cookies from being created on your particular browser.

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Internet Explorer (IE) 11.0+

Firefox 2.0+ / 3.0+ / 4.0+/8.0+

Netscape 6.0+

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