Privacy Policy

Last Update: 2021-04-30 values your privacy and does not, in any way, make (or intend to make) you vulnerable on the internet by visiting the website.

We request personal information for effective communication with the customer, including name, email address, and telephone number. However, we do not disclose such information to third parties or use it without your consent under any circumstances. The private data is strictly used for the purpose agreed by the customer in these Terms:

  1. The company may use your data and a customer’s interaction with the website to better deliver our products and services.
  2. Regarding privacy for minors, the site is strictly for persons over the age of 18. Any person below this age is required to report the same to our representatives. The company does not knowingly collect and use the minor’s personal information.
  3. We encourage all our visits, not only the customers, to read these terms carefully, as they apply to anyone to visits SmartWrite.
  4. Our customers have a right to control their data, as long as such acts would not limit the proper delivery of the requested services.
  5. Customers provide personal data with their consent and can not sue the company for using such information fairly. We cannot hire a third party to examine the correctness of the customer’s data.
  6. We reserve the right to communicate with you at any time of the day concerning your orders or inquiries. Such communication cannot, under any circumstances, be regarded as a breach of privacy.
  7. Please note that our website contains 3rd Party Websites. By clicking on the links to 3rd party websites, you acknowledge that you’re doing so with your consent. SmartWrite cannot be held liable for a breach of privacy for users who opted to click such links. 
  8. We reserve the right to send you promotional emails or our newsletters. However, we send you content emails before enrolling you in our newsletter. 
  9. We may request you to leave feedback on third-party websites regarding your experience on our site. However, we send the invitations ourselves and do not disclose your data to such sites. 
  10. The company has no access to your credit card information, and therefore, your money is secure.
  11. Please feel free to contact our support team regarding the interpretation of these terms or any other privacy concerns.
  12. By filling an order form, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions, regardless of whether they have read them or not. 

Your Privacy is Our Priority!