Terms & Conditions

Last Update: 2021-04-30

SmartWrite.net is a Custom Writing Website aiming solely at enhancing students’ academic writing skills. We intend to extend our writing services to as many learners as possible. We write papers from scratch and help students proofread, edit, rewrite, and remove plagiarism from their papers. 

By using our website, you (the Client, customer, or student) agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions stated herein. You also acknowledge that you have the full legal authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions and that they will legally bind you.

We respect the law and thus restrict our services to persons located or incorporated in jurisdictions where it is illegal to use our services as per the Applicable Law (like Australia, Iran, and North Korea). The Company reserves the right to close any accounts upon discovery that you are accessing our services from the restricted jurisdiction or in violation of our Terms and Conditions. 

By accepting these Terms, you are also legally bound by accompanying policies:

  1. Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Revision Policy
  3. Cookies Policy
  4. Privacy Policy

1.0 Interpretation of the Terms 

1.1 Agreement refers exclusively to these Terms and Conditions and the Accompanying Policies. 

1.2 The term Company (or Website, Site, We, Us) refers to Smartwrite.net, the academic research and writing services provider.

1.3 The term Client (or User, Customer, You, Student, Learner) is a person(s) who places an order with Smartwrite.net and abides by the Terms and Conditions and the accompanying policies.

1.4 The term Order (or Project, Paper) refers to a formal request for a product (or service) made by the Client to the Company. The Order can only be transmitted in electronic form - through the Client Portal or email.

1.5 The term Product or Service refers to the outcome of the Order (s) (order solution), delivered in strict adherence to the customer’s directions and within the specified time and volume. 

1.6 The term Writer or Professional refers to a person or expert employed by the Company as a freelancer to provide academic and writing services to the customers, per the Company’s Agreement. We reserve the right to select the most qualified writer to work on your project. 

1.7 Revision refers to a request made by the Client for editing or polishing the order solution based on the initial (original) instructions. We guarantee limitless amendments, as per our Revision Policy

1.8 The term Live Chat or Messaging System is the communication channel that guarantees uninterrupted interaction between the client, writer, and support staff. 

1.9 Client Account or Portal refers to an account created by the customer on our website for easier access to our products and services. It is restricted from public access. We need the personal information but guarantees Security as per our Privacy Policy

1.10 The term Support Team (Staff, Agent, Employee) is a person(s) responsible for assisting with order processing. They ensure all the customers’ concerns are addressed and that the order details are clear. All compliments or complaints are channeled to this team. 

1.11 Accompanying Policies refers to Revision Policy, refund Policy (Money-Back Guarantee), Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy. 

1.12 The term Quality Assurance (Team) is a person(s) responsible for verifying the products and services delivered by our writers and ensuring they are of the highest quality. They rate every paper and ensure instructions are followed strictly. They also intervene in cases of refund requests from customers. 

2.0. Order Placement and Registration

2.1 The Order starts when the Client fills the Order Form on our website or asks our representatives to assist them in filling it.

2.2 By filling the order form, the Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions automatically. You (the Client) are mandated to read these Terms and seek clarification, if needed, before filling the order form on our website. 

2.3 The Client should input correct order information, including the scope of work, delivery terms, and other order features, like the topic, the number of sources, formatting style, and language style.

2.4 Other than order parameters, the Client is required to provide details, such as email address, phone number (optional), and create a client’s account. The Client should input a valid email from which they would receive timely notifications from the Company.

2.5 The Client should only create one profile. They can place an order, track previous order records, receive and download order solutions, communicate with the writer/support, and request revision, among other features. We reserve the right to merge a Client’s multiple personal accounts to one and update the order history. 

3.0 Order Payment

3.1 The Order’s pricing depends on four variables: the Client’s academic level, the type of service, the volume of work (number of words or pages), and the order deadline. A customer should make a pre-payment, and the Company can only assign an order to a writer if and when the payment has been received (but not when they made it).

3.2 The Company shall not be responsible if the Client delays making the payment, regardless of the Order’s urgency.

3.3 The payment shall be paid in full and not in installments.

3.4 Payment options include credit cards (Mastercard and Credit Card) and PayPal. However, if the Client cannot access any of these options, they should shoot a mail to find an alternative. Communication, other than the mail, regarding alternative payment methods, should and will be disregarded. We’re working on introducing Wechat and Alipay payment options besides Paypal. 

3.5 You should not share, in any circumstance, the login details or card details with any party. Otherwise, you will be fully liable for the act. Our staff can never ask for your payment credentials. 

4.0 The Ordering Process

4.1 Before assigning the Order to a writer, the support staff first validates the order details and ensures that the instructions and attached materials are clear and accessible. However, the support staff will communicate with the customer via email or phone to request further clarification if a mismatch occurs. Unless such a clarification is made, the Order cannot be processed but will be put on hold.

4.2 The order volume is measured in words and not physical pages. A single-spaced page has 550 words, while a double-spaced page has 275 words. A maximum allowance of 10% is allowable unless the Client requires a specific number of words.

4.3 The Company allows clients to change order details within a reasonable time. However, after an order has been assigned to a writer, a change of instructions may require additional payment, which we would discuss with the customer.

4.4 Order changes that impact the volume of work, urgency, and complexity may require additional payment.

4.5 A Client can provide additional sources to the writer. However, if they arrive late and the materials are mandatory, we reserve the right to make a deadline extension request. We can’t proceed with the Order if the instructions or description require a particular source, only accessible to the customer. 

4.6 Communication with the Client can be made through the internal messaging system, text, call, or email. Likewise, the Client can communicate to the support team via the same messaging system, email, phone, or official social media platforms, located at the footnote of every page on your website.

4.7 The Client is authorized to ask for a progress update from the writer. In some instances, based on urgency and complexity, the Client can also ask for a draft from the writer while making the order request as an additional feature. 

4.8 By accepting the payment, the Company agrees to deliver the product within the given deadline and in adherence to the instructions provided by the customer. The Client has a responsibility to download the order solution from their account in time or communicate any issues regarding the accessibility of the file within a reasonable time.

4.9 The Company cannot be held responsible for the customer’s failure to download the order solution quickly. We only send order solution notifications, not the actual solution, via email unless we are experiencing a technical problem with the portal. 

5.0 We cannot deliver order solutions in any other means other than email and the Client’s portal. For instance, we do not send our products to customers via social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp. 

5.0 The Terms of Use

5.1 The products offered by smartwrite.net are not intended to be submitted by the clients as their work. The Company requires and encourages the clients to use the orders produced as samples or guides to their work. They are not final drafts and can’t be forwarded to any institution for grading. 

5.2 The Company reserves the right and ownership of the orders it offers to the customers. However, we can’t resell any of your work - under any circumstances. 

5.3 SmartWrite is not liable for any consequences of a customer’s use of its products as their own, as they would have breached the Terms and Conditions. The Company reserves the right to deny services to such a customer or delete (block) their account.

5.4 The company does not condone plagiarism and reserve the right to deny services to a customer it feels have or attempted to submit the products provided to them as their own. 

6.0 Warranties

The customer’s order requests bind us to the following conditions;

6.1 To apply the recently updated citing rules (formats) specified by the clients in the order form.

6.2 To commence processing the order solution as soon as the Client makes full payment for the Order.

6.3 To adhere to the Order’s academic level, conduct the appropriate research, and reference appropriate materials.

6.4 The products offered by SmartWrite are meant for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

6.5 The customer, or any other party, is forbidden from copying any content from SmartWrite.

7.0 Confidentiality

7.1The Company has a responsibility to ensure the communication between the Client and the writer is sealed.

7.2 We can not expose any customer’s information to third parties.

7.3 The Client should not disclose communication with the Company to third parties or share their account logins. Else, they would be held fully responsible for such actions. 

8.0 Modification of the Terms

8.1 The Company retains the right to modify or remove the Terms and Conditions, or the Accompanying Policies, as it seems fit.

8.2 It is the Client’s responsibility to stay updated on our policies. We have no responsibility to inform you of the revision of the terms and conditions.

8.3 If a section of these Terms and Conditions goes against a certain jurisdiction, any party can petition them in court. However, the customer would still be bound by the other terms sections, other than the disputed one.