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Annotated Bibliography Examples:

Folbre, N., Gautham, L., & Smith, K. (2023). Gender inequality, bargaining, and pay in care services in the United States. ILR Review, 76(1), 86-111.

In this comprehensive study, Folbre, Gautham, and Smith delve into the intricate dynamics of gender inequality within the context of care services in the United States. Their research highlights the stark contrast between paid providers of care services (encompassing health, education, and social service industries) and their counterparts in business services. The authors argue that care service providers face significant challenges in capturing value-added and extracting rents due to limited consumer sovereignty, incomplete information regarding quality, and large positive externalities that diminish their relative market power. Through an in-depth analysis of Current Population Survey data spanning from 2014 to 2019, the study uncovers compelling evidence of substantial pay penalties in the care services sector in comparison to business services. The analysis accounts for various factors, including gender, education, occupation, and public or private employment, underlining the role of women's concentration in care services in perpetuating the gender wage gap. This study raises the prospect of industry-level bargaining strategies as a means to address these gender wage disparities, shedding light on the critical importance of confronting gender inequality in the care services sector.

Picatoste, X., Mesquita, A., & González-Laxe, F. (2023). Gender wage gap, quality of earnings and gender digital divide in the European context. Empirica, 50(2), 301-321.

Picatoste, Mesquita, and González-Laxe embark on a comprehensive exploration of gender wage disparities and the quality of earnings in the context of the European Union. The study is contextualized within the overarching objective of achieving more egalitarian societies, aligning with national and international priorities. It intricately examines the interplay between the gender digital divide in its various stages (access, use, and results) and its correlation with gender and salary gaps. Employing cluster analysis, the authors classify European countries based on their gender digital divide. Notably, the study revisits the influence of age and educational levels among both males and females, revealing significant variables that influence the gender digital divide. Educational attainment, particularly in the third stage of the divide, is highlighted as a significant factor. Furthermore, the research employs regression analysis to underscore the profound influence of insecurity and the gender wage gap, extending beyond individual impact to affect society as a whole. This study illuminates the complex interplay of gender, technology, and economics in the European context, providing valuable insights for policymakers and organizations committed to achieving greater gender equality and digital inclusion.

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