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Writing a dissertation pulls together a range of skills - it's surely not an easy task. To produce a good dissertation, one needs to be an expert researcher, writer, editor, and experienced proofreader. Not to mention that you need to understand the professor's referencing style inside out. Many students seek dissertation helpers online to help them select an appropriate topic, write their thesis, or even polish it. 

Do you know what a dissertation is? It is a long piece of academic writing submitted as part of Ph.D.'s or Masters' coursework. As per the British system, dissertations are written at the end of an undergraduate or master's degree. A thesis, on the other hand, is produced at the end of a Ph.D. 

A good number of students wonder how many pages should a dissertation be. While most dissertations or thesis are about 100 to 300 pages, the length varies with the institutions or professor's guidelines. So, it is always necessary to consult with the professor first or read the instructions inside out.

Short dissertations are subdivided into sections and subsections, while long papers are categorized into five chapters with main divisions and subdivisions. The five distinct chapters of a dissertation body include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion.

If you are a student struggling with any of these chapters or have challenges selecting a dissertation topic, our helpers will gladly assist you. You can also hire us to rewrite, edit, proofread or format and check or remove plagiarism from your thesis project or specific dissertation chapter.

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We offer unlimited dissertation writing help to students globally, ranging from finding a topic to editing or proofreading the final draft. We are, indeed, the right experts to ask, 'who can write my dissertation for me!' or 'someone to do my dissertation chapters!" Our service is reliable, affordable, and available 24/7.

Our dissertation helpers can assist you with writing, editing, proofreading, or rewriting any thesis or dissertation chapters. Here's a brief outline of a dissertation:

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction - This chapter or section describes the research problem or question and offers theoretical arguments or reasoning behind it. So, is your problem significant? What are the aims and objectives of the study? What challenges do you think you would experience? The chapter should also offer a problem statement, research questions, and hypotheses.
  2. Chapter 2: Literature Review - The chapter gauges your ability to identify and consult previous research related to your study. You ought to present both historical and theoretical backgrounds. Use headings and subheadings liberally to organize this section. More so, the professor expects you to engage with the literature, summarize and critique it, and identify research gaps and limitations of the previous research.
  3. Chapter 3: Methodology - The third chapter should give sufficient detail about the methodology used. Some of the elements included in this section include the participants and sampling method, research instrument, materials, and procedures. For instance, you should explain your proposed data collection and analysis techniques. What's your research design; qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research? Be clear and consistent.
  4. Chapter 4: Results  - This chapter presents the outcome of the research - the results of the analysis. Please remember that you are not required to explain or discuss the results at this stage - not yet. Organize the results into tables and figures and reference them in text. More so, remember to present results per research question or hypothesis.
  5. Chapter 5: Discussion - Students are expected to interpret the results in light of the research questions and discuss them in conjunction with other literature. First, discuss the results in non-statistical terms, and summarize. What are the limitations of the research? Why is the proposed research needed, and what form should it take?

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