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Personal Statement Writing Tips

Here are some personal statement writing tips that will help you write an outstanding paper. According to the University of Chester, the format of a personal statement for college admission or application include;

  1. Reasons for choosing a course
  2. Background to your interest in the subject
  3. Employment, work experience, voluntary work
  4. Key skills developed
  5. Other achievements
  6. Particular interest in current studies
  7. Career goals
  8. Details of non-examined subjects
  9. Hobbies and Interests
  10. Reasons for deferred entry

One should always include these details and link extra curriculum activities with the proposed course of study while writing a personal statement for admission purposes. Failure to which, the chances of being accepted in this prestigious university are minimal. 

In case you are writing a personal brief for a job application, the summary should contain the following details;

  1. Summary - a paragraph summarizing the details of your personal statement
  2. Career experience (core qualifications)- like administration, training and development, customer service, etc.
  3. Career history - when and how long did you work in Company A, B, and C
  4. Education - across all academic levels up to date.

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