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Have you been wondering where to get affordable online writing activities? Or, maybe, cheap and quality papers? You are in the right place. At Smartwrite, we offer the most affordable academic services to our customers without compromising quality.

Our prices are flexible and dependent on four variable factors.

The variables include;

1. Academic Level

We believe it could be unfair to charge high school students and doctorate equally. We focused on equity rather than equality. However, regardless of the academic level, our prices are always fair. 


2. Type of Service

The complexity of academic papers varies. A definition essay may be easier to write than a Dissertation, which calls for extensive reading and research. We do not argue that essays are not important. But you would agree with me that it would be only fair to compensate the writer for handling complex papers. Editing and proofreading services are cheaper than writing from scratch services. 

3. Urgency

Our prices also depend on urgency - how fast you want the service. We allow our customers to place extremely urgent orders. Since we give such orders a priority and have to find a qualified and fast writer, we charge higher for shorter deadlines. However, we deliver our orders before the deadline. 


4. Order Volume

The volume of our orders can only be measured based on the number of words. A double-spaced page has 275 words (+/- 10%), while a single-spaced page has 550 words (+/- 10%). Price is directly proportional to volume.  



Free Features to All!

Regardless of your academic level, we offer the following benefits to all our customers;

  1. 20% Discount for your first order.
  2. 15% Discount for your second order.
  3.  5% discount for orders with at least 50 pages.
  4. Limitless amendments (free within 14 days).
  5. Free outline and formatting.
  6. Free proofreading for writing-from scratch services.
  7. Citation, cover page, and bibliography list.


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20% discounts available to new users, 15% discount for the second order and 5% discount for orders with at least 50 pages.

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